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About Manta Network

Manta Network is the on-chain privacy solution for blockchain assets build from the first principle. In short term, Manta will be a product that enables high-performance private DeFi transactions, such as FT/NFT transfer and AMM styled swap. In the long term, Manta will be the privacy-preservation platform for all blockchain applications.
Manta’s founding team comprises many US cryptocurrency veterans, professors, and scholars whose experience includes Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. The advisors of Manta include Hypersphere Ventures co-founder Jack Platts, Polychain partner Tekin Salimi, former Web3 Foundation co-founder Ashley Tyson, and Consensys’ Shuyao Kong. Manta has previously completed a million-dollar seed round of financing led by Polychain and participated by Three Arrows Capital, Multicoin, Alameda, and Hypersphere. Manta is also a grant fund recipient of Polkadot’s official Web3 Foundation. Manta also is an outstanding member of the Substrate Builder Program and the Blockchain Accelerator of the University of Berkeley.
Manta Network was founded in mid 2020 as an idea born from the personal pains of the founders. While on-chain privacy has been a persistent problem in the space since the inception of bitcoin, the problem has been compounded by the growth and adoption of DeFi services. As a result, on-chain privacy is more important than ever before. As investors and developers, the Manta Network founding team recognized this pain point. Upon speaking with other leaders in the industry, the founders immediately understood the importance of the unaddressed issue of private decentralized finance. Thus, Manta Network was born.

Resources for Manta Network

Our Website
The official Manta Network website, where you can learn more about our project.
Our GitHub
The official GitHub repository of Manta Network and Calamari Network, where all of our code is available for community review.
Our Telegram
The official Telegram community channel for Manta Network, where the community hosts general conversations about Manta Network.
Our Discord
The official Discord community channel for Manta Network, where more focused conversation around Manta Network takes place.
Our Newsletter (subscribe)
The official newsletter for Manta and Calamari Network, where we deliver the latest news to our community.
Calamari Network is Manta Network's canary net, which exists on Kusama.