Squad Game


Most Common Questions

My KYC failed. What can I do? Can you help me?
Unfortunately, we have no access or control over the KYC portion of this event. Passing identity verification is a requirement to participate, because it allows the project to stay in compliance. If you do not pass identity verification, you cannot participate, and there is nothing we can do.

What payments are accepted for the token sale?


If I participate in Round 1, can I participate in Round 2?

Yes, all Round 1 participants can participate in Round 2. Round 1 is gauranteed allocation, while Round 2 is on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that, while Round 1 participants have the opportunity to participate in Round 2, it does not mean that the participation in guaranteed.
I'm getting an error that says my email is already registered. What's going on?
This means that you have probably participated in previous token events with this email. You just simply sign in, rather than register. You do not need to input an invite code in this case. Please be absolutely sure that you are logging in with the same email you received the invitation from, because that is the email that is whitelisted. Other emails will not work.
I'm an ambassador and I didn't get into round 1. Why is that?
Manta Ambassador Round 1 decisions were based on high-value activities focused around content and education:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Blog posts/articles
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Long-form Tweets (tweets with more than one tweet, which go into detail about Manta Network or Calamari Network)
  6. 6.
    Events that you've hosted

I received an invitation email, but when I register or log in, I see that I'm not able to participate.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time for your email to be registered into Tokensoft. Please wait 24 hours and try again. Please be absolutely sure that you are logging in with the same email you received the invitation from, because that is the email that is whitelisted. Other emails will not work.

Questions About Specific Rounds

Will there be a maximum amount of tokens that I can purchase in each round?

Yes, to encourage fair participation, we limit the amount of tokens that can be purchased per participant. Round 1 and Round 2 will both have limits. A participant in Round 1 who participates in Round 2 will be able to purchase up to the limit within each round. More information about token purchase limits will be released at a later date.

If I got into the Round 2 whitelist, can I participate in Round 1?

No, Round 2 participants cannot participate in Round 1.

Whitelisting & Participation Questions

Why are qualified whitelisted crowdloaners required to have a minimum 0.2 KSM Calamari crowdloan contribution to qualify for Round 2?

Many crowdloan participants are attempting to create multiple accounts during the Calamari crowdloan, in order to receive multiple whitelist accounts. To address this exploit, we are implementing a strict minimum requirement for 0.2 KSM.

Why are qualified whitelisted crowdloaners required to have a minimum 0.5 KSM Calamari crowdloan contribution to qualify for Round 1?

For the supporters who provided over 0.5 KSM in the Calamari crowdloan, we are offering an additional reward of being able to participate in Round 1, in order to demonstrate our appreciation for their support.
I participated in the Calamari Crowdloan through multiple wallets, which are under 0.2 KSM. Can I still qualify?
No, only wallets that contributed over 0.2 KSM qualify.
I participated in the Calamari Crowdloan through a centralized exchange (e.g., Kucoin or Gate). How do I get preapproved?
If you participated through a centralized exchange, you don't have to worry about setting up pre-approval. Furthermore, while you have not received an invitation to participate in Squad Game, you may still be qualified. We do not have your email address because you did not sign up for our newsletter. The exchanges have your email address information. If you qualify for any of the rounds based on your Calamari Crowdloan contribution, the exchanges will share your email with us, and we will send you registration information in the upcoming days. This information has not been sent out yet to participants who contributed to the crowdloan through centralized exchanThe exchanges will send us the email information for all qualified crowdloan participants.

I'm an ambassador and I haven't received an email yet.

We have not sent an email to ambassadors yet. We have all our ambassadors' emails, so you don't have to worry about whitelisting. We will take care of that for you.

Why are participants in certain regions unable to participate?

Due to the regulatory environment and actions of certain countries, Manta Network is not allowing participation from citizens of those countries. While we want to encourage as much participation as possible, we need to be mindful of the laws and regulations.

The whitelisting method I'm trying to do isn't working. What can I do?

If you have tried to go through whitelisting but are still having issues with completing it, please send an email to [email protected]. Please be as descriptive as possible regarding your issue, and send screenshots if necessary.

If I qualify for multiple whitelists, can I apply to them all?

We understand that some of you may qualify for multiple whitelists (e.g., some people may be qualified as a Calamari crowdloaner and active ambassador). Applying to multiple whitelists will not provide you with any advantages. You only need to apply to one.

I was a member of Telegram or Discord but I was kicked out. Am I eligible for whitelisting?

Only active and participating members of our communities are eligible for whitelisting. If you were kicked or banned from our community, you are ineligible to participate in the event.

Wallet and Connection Questions/Issues

I participated using Fearless Wallet/Polkawallet. How can I get pre-approved on the Crowdloan whitelist?
For anyone who participated using a mobile wallet, you will need to move that wallet to Polkadot JS. To do this, you can use your Recovery Phrase to move your address.
Connect Fearless to Polkadot:
  1. 1.
    Go to the Polkadot JS extension
  2. 2.
    Click on the + symbol
  3. 3.
    Click on Import from pre-existing seed
  4. 4.
    Put in the Pneumonic Seed Phrase (from Fearless or Polkawallet)
  5. 5.
    Select the Kusama Relay Chain
  6. 6.
    Enter in a new password
  7. 7.
    You’re all set
On preapprove.manta.network it's saying I'm not qualified, although I contributed at least 0.2 KSM. What's going on?
Please make sure that your wallet address is connected.
  1. 1.
    Click the Polkadot.js Extension
  2. 2.
    Click the gear icon
  3. 3.
    Click Manage Website Access
  4. 4.
    Check to make sure preapprove.manta.network is approved
I went through preapprove.manta.network but have not received an email confirmation of my submission. What's going on?
You don't receive an email confirmation. Once you fill out the information the application, you're all set!

Tokensoft/KYC Questions

Who are you using to facilitate the token sale?

We are using Tokensoft, which is the facilitator for Acala, Moonbeam, and Nodle's sales as well.

I've participated in other token sales through Tokensoft. Do I need to KYC again for Squad Game?

Yes, you must KYC again. Tokensoft does not hold any of your personal information, so it is not transferrable to different events.
I registered on preapprove.manta.network but I have not received an email about KYC yet?
After registering on preapprove.manta.network (for Calamari crowdloaners), you will not receive any emails. The KYC registration hasn't started yet. Once it begins, you will receive an email.