Squad Game

Paying with ETH, USDC, or USDT

To pay in ETH, USC, or USDT
If you are paying with Ether, USD Coin or USDT Coin, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to Connect to MetaMask. You will be using MetaMask to make a payment in Ether, USD Coin or USDT Coin. Please make sure that your MetaMask wallet is funded with your intended method of payment.
Once you click on Connect to MetaMask, A MetaMask popup will appear asking you to connect the wallet that you would like to use for payment. Please make sure to select the wallet that has the right funds. Once you select the correct wallet, click Next.
Once you successfully connect the wallet, the original Connect to MetaMask button should change into Submit to MetaMask. Once you click on Submit to MetaMask, another MetaMask popup will appear. This new popup will ask you to confirm a transfer. Here, you can also check how much the estimated gas fee will be. Once you check all of the information, click Confirm to confirm the transaction.
After you click Confirm, the page will change once again, this time to say Waiting for Confirmation below the Submit to MetaMask button. In this screen, Tokensoft is waiting for the transaction to go through. This may take a few minutes as Tokensoft confirms the transaction on-chain. As long as the transaction is recorded on-chain, it is valid.
A transaction will go faster or slower depending on the amount of gas you are using.
After your payment goes through and is recorded by Tokensoft, you will see the screen below. The green checkbox means that your transaction has successfully gone through. Your transaction is complete, and you have successfully purchased MANTA token for this round. You can go to the next screen to get a Receipt of your transaction if you want.