Squad Game
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Things You Must Know

No Refunds

There will be no reimbursements for under or overpayment. Payments that are less than the individual minimum required amount (<$500) or more than your individual maximum per round (>$2,500) are NOT ENTITLED TO REFUNDS. Amounts given under the individual minimum and over the individual maximum will be sent to the Manta Treasury. Crypto payments will have prices adjusted on an hourly basis.

Scammers, Cheaters, or Exploiters Will Be Banned

If you are caught attempting to cheat or otherwise take advantage of the event in any manner that is deemed unfair or provides you an unfair advantage over others, you will be automatically eliminated. If you attempted to make any payment, that payment will NOT BE REFUNDED.

The price of MANTA is fixed at $0.36

MANTA's price of $0.36 was calculated using the average price of 0.0082 DOT between the dates of October 13, which is when we announced the event, to November 5, which is when we announced the pricing. MANTA's price is fixed at $0.36 and will not change.

Crypto Prices Update on an Hourly Basis

If you are paying using ETH or DOT, then the price of each crypto will be updated on an hourly basis using the Nomics price feed. For example, the price of MANTA is fixed at $0.36. If the price of ETH at 3:00PM is $360, then one ETH can buy 1,000 MANTA. Then, if at 4PM, the price of ETH is $720, then one ETH can buy 2,000 MANTA.