Squad Game
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Welcome to Squad Game

Fun Fact
A group of Manta is referred to as a Squadron of Manta. Hence, our event is the Squad Game.

Welcome to Manta Network's Squad Game

As a loyal community member, you have been invited to Manta Network’s Squad Game. Squad Game is Manta Network’s token event that is exclusively available for the Manta community. As an exclusive event, Manta community members will be able to obtain Manta (MA) tokens, which function as the utility token for Manta Network functionality.
The Squad Game, as mentioned, is open only to loyal Manta community members who have been active. As a way of thanking our members, Squad Game will allow Manta community members an opportunity to be one of the first to own Manta tokens, which can be used to take an active role in decision-making for the future of Manta Network through the on-chain governance functionality.
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